7 Easy Step to Increase Your Brain Power and Memory?

Brain Power and Memory - Healthy Instant
Brain Power and Memory - Healthy Instant

How to Increase Your brain power and memory?

In today’s world, There is need to remember things. Suppose I asked you the meaning of a word which you don’t know. What will you do?

Yes,  search it on google.

The Internet makes our life easy. When we need to know about anything we google it. Your memory helps not only to store information. But it sharps your Brain. Memory build your intelligence. hence makes you an intelligent person. A sharp memory increases your concentration. It helps in staying focused. It makes creative, intelligent and productive. A good memory understood different types of concepts in deeper and quicker.

A strong brain power depends on health. You can increase your brain grey matter by following the below-mentioned STEPS. Having a good memory is always helpful. This delays the aging of your body. Follow any of two steps, you must observe the difference within. These steps will makes you free from stress, anxiety depression etc.

Also, You will Proud on Yourself. So Let’s Begin Your STEPS


Step 1: Eating Right for Your Brain

It is an interesting Fact that the human brain is a Calorie Hungry Organ of our body. Brain comprises almost 2% to 4% of our body weight. This brain weight is in the range between 2 to 4 Pound for an average Person. Despite it, it consumes 20% of our energy from food. Our brain functionality and Behaviour depends on the food that we intake.

Limit sugar and saturated Foods: Foods that are rich in sugar, saturated fats and especially in trans fat cause oxidative stress. It gradually promotes damage of cell membrane. As a result, we felt anxious, depressed and foggy.

You should have the Proper Nourishment to boost your Brain Power and Memory.

Omega-3 fatty acids that are found in Canola and olive oil helps in transmission of information among cells of Brain.These nutrients assist in the formation of new cells as well as Protection and repairing of old Brain cells. Hence eating right food helps you improve your behavior, brain power, and memory( as helps in neurotransmission). Additional sources for omega-3 fatty acids are sardines, wild salmon, herring, omega three eggs, flax seeds and walnuts.

Glucose: The deficiency of glucose caused the confused thinking. Hence you understood the need for glucose. The glucose can be obtained from Carbohydrates like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Eat Fresh Vegetables and Fruits: Foods rich in Antioxidant plays a vital role in the protection of brain cells from damage. Colorful vegetables and fruits are the excellent sources of antioxidant.

Drink Green Tea:  Antioxidants protect Brain cells against free radicals.Green tea is a good source of antioxidant. It also helps in boosting of memory, mental alertness, brain power and in anti-aging of brain


Step 2: Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Are you suffering from Sleep deprivation?  Sleep deprivation is a condition in which the person is not taking enough sleep. It adversely affects the brain and cognitive function.

Our health sleep is an indicator of your overall health condition. Did you correctly know How many hours should you sleep? The following  research table of optimum sleep hours for different age groups provided by The National Sleep Foundation

Age GroupRecommended, hourMay be appropriate, hourNot recommended, hour
Newborn baby (0-3 months old)14 to 1711 to 13

18 to 19
Less than 11

More than 19

4-11 mo
12 to 1510 to 11

16 to 18
Less than 10

More than 18

1-2 y
11 to 149 to 10

15 to 16
Less than 9

More than 16

3-5 y
10 to 138 to 9

Less than 8

More than 14
School-aged children

6-13 y
9 to 117 to 8

Less than 7

More than 12

14-17 y
8 to 107

Less than 7

More than 11
Young adults

18-25 y
7 to 96

10 to 11
Less than 6

More than 11

26-64 y
7 to 96

Less than 6

More than 10
Older adults

≥65 y
7 to 85 to 6

Less than 5

More than 9

Let, try to understand What is the need to sleep?

1) To flush out Neuro-toxins including Alzheimer disease’s toxins

What happened when you sleep? Does your brain also go to its own bed to sleep?

There is a fact about our brain. Our Brain gets several times more active while we asleep compared with than our working hours. You have observed that you have cache and cookies of your browser. It may affect the functions of your browser or PC. Sometimes we have some things which are now of no use. In both cases what we did? Yes, Trashed them.

There is toxin disposal system of our brain called as Glymphatic system. In Glymphatic system, Mitochondria is a cell organelle plays very vital role in removing toxins from the brain. Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is clear fluid responsible for removing of fuel. It act as cushions and deliver nutrient to the CNS. CNS is  central nervous system constituting of  the brain and spinal cord. CSF very much resembles to Lymph system.Lymph system removes wastes from Kidney and Liver cells . But the brain has no lymph. But brain have CSF instead of lymph.

2) Boost your Brain Power and memory

Brain has major role of learning and memory.

Scientific research suggests us that the proper sleep boost our Brain Power and memory.

I wrote above that sleep helps to strengthen the neural connection. But it also filters out unwanted memory during sleep.

The sleep have its own impact on learning and memory. This may be in 2 ways.

  • sleep deprivation bad effect on brain’s ability to concentrate and learning effectively.
  • Sleep consolidate memories of the day. That’s why we can recall it.

3) Sleep affect cognitive functions i.e Decision Making

Cognitive functions are intellectual process of perceiving knowledge understanding through thought, senses, and the experience.

sleep is most important for performing the multitasks. Driving require to do multitask simultaneously. It requires almost everything from hands to feets, vision to mind conscious. Hence these multitasks depends upon our attention, decision making skills. When you have lack of sleep then it may strongly affects capacity to multitasks.

Sleep deprivation also cause negative impact on  cognitive functions such as attention,decision making skills and the working memory.

4) Sleep improves the Mental Health

Studies tell us the Person who takes either less than 6 hours or more than 9 hours per night have more probability to have depression, foggy, stress etc. People with insomnia have good probability to suffer with the depression, stress and anxiety. This hours may be vary for different age groups. You can refer above to see what are recommended hours to sleep for you.

I will soon write another article about Benefits of sleep.


Step 3: Do Physical Exercise

When you do physical exercise, What happened with you? Yes, Your Heart Beat increases.

Exercise increases Heart rate.This leads to a better flow of blood to your Brain. This ultimately boosts brain Power and memory. Exercises help to reduce aging of cognitive functions. Exercises help to reduce stress, tension, anxiety etc. It also helps you to stay focus and self-confident in behavior. Do daily Physical exercises for at least 30 minutes. It may be jogging, running, swimming, cycling etc. But do whatever you like.

Do daily Physical exercises for at least 30 minutes. It helps in enlarging the hippocampus. Hippocampus is considered as the ‘memory center of the brain’

It may be jogging, running, swimming, cycling etc. But do whatever you like. If you hate to any particular, you should choose its alternative or do another exercise. Don’t burden on you.

If you cannot do exercises continuously then have some interval.


Step 4: Live Clean and Green

Pollution causing a number of deaths in the world.This cause tearing of your cells. A healthy environment increases your body’s efficiency and longevity. Here are some additional tips for you.

1. You should Drink clean water.

2. You should maintain less contact with  electromagnetic radiation  or electro-pollution

3. You should control your exposure to harmful and toxic chemical substances. Instead of it, use organic and green household products.
4. Maintain a continuous flow of body Fluid. For this you may drink plenty of clean water, eating fiber to move your bowels daily and sweating to get rid of toxins through the skin.

STEP 5: Introduce yourself to Mnemonic Devices

Mnemonic devices are memory tools.It helps to remember some words, sentence, concept lists etc in very easy, interesting and funny way.

  • Acronyms:

these are a word derived from either the starting letters or groups of letters of words in a set phrase or series of words. Don’t understand? it is abbreviations used to boost memory skills.

For example UNICEF – The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund

  • Visualizations

    – Visualizations are a popular and most effective trick. If you are not able to learn a lesson, Let’s visualize it. it will become interesting and increase your curiosity.

  • Makes Rhymes – Rhymes words usually easy to learn.So be creative and sing the rhymes as a song.You will never forget it. For Example – Hydrogen, helium, lithium belongs to first groups of periodic classification.
  • Acrostics: These are one of the tricks for exams. It is used to mug up a sentence, combine the initial letters and use as a memory cue.  For example, 9 planets names”My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Us Nine Planets”
  • Chunking: this involves breaking up information into smaller “chunks”.For example organizing numbers as someone phone number.

Step 6: Meditation is a key to health

It helps to delays cognitive decline. Meditation also prevents neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Dementia. Research shows that Meditation improves memory, learning, concentration, self-awareness, concentration sleep and reduce stress. Meditation produces a positive energy in you.

At least 20 minutes meditation daily will enhance your brain power and memory. You will have less anxious and more empathetic.

Meditating for at least 15 to 30 minutes each day physically changes your brain, making you less anxious, and more rational and empathetic.

Meditation is not recommended when you are going to bed. The reason is that meditation helps you to awake.

Step 7: Yoga is Miracle

Yoga increases flexibility and physical strength. But yoga also enhances your brain. Research suggests  Yoga is fabulous key to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress., yoga protects. In addition,  Yoga checks the shrinking of the brain with aging.

  • Our left hemisphere Brain is linked with Positive emotions such as happiness. This is interesting to know that yoga protects left hemisphere of our brain from shrinking.
  • Yoga helps you to more active in your everyday life.

 Step 8: Be Organized

Let’s You are going to the office on a morning. Then what might happen if you are Not getting keys or some important paperwork? You are searching here and there.  This type of condition will make you late for the office. Hence you will become stressed.

This condition waste some amount of your time and attention

In the library, we can easily find books of our interest easily, WHY? Because they are not randomly distributed. These are some benefits of being organized. May you mention some another benefits in the comment section?

So what to do right now? Makes a specific space for everything like Your keys, project file, socks, wallets etc. This will make you more focused and less diverted to your success.





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