Is High fiber foods a Miracle Worker?

high fiber foods-Healthy Instant
high fiber foods-Healthy Instant

Is High fiber foods a Miracle Worker?

Americans, on average, only  50 percent of their get recommended daily high fiber foods — a lack that has linked to rising levels of obesity and a weakened ability to defend against certain diseases. That percentage raises the question: Can just adding High fiber foods to your diet help you shed pounds and stay healthy?

Despite diet plans and weight-loss centers proclaiming fiber to be a miracle product, the jury’s still out on its skinny-making benefits

“It’s like which came first, the chicken or the egg?” says Dr. Susan Mitchell, a dietitian and the emcee of Dr. Susan Mitchell’s Weekly Nutrition Podcast. “I don’t think that weight gain and weight problems can be blamed on fiber or lack thereof but rather on the fact that the American diet is supersized when it comes to portions. The majority of what Americans eat is less-than-healthy, processed, refined food that contains little or no fiber.”

Benefits of fiber rich food

Adding High fiber foods can help you ward off diseases, from cardiovascular illness to diabetes. It won’t hurt you in your battle against the bulge. One study showed that women with a high-fiber diet rich in whole grains gained less weight over 12 years than those with a diet lower in fiber and whole grains. Other studies indicate that people that have a high-fiber diet weigh less than those on a diet reduced fiber.

That may be because high-fiber foods (vegetables, legumes, fruits) are simply lower in fat and calories than low- or no-fiber foods (meat, processed bread, cheese). Fiber, often called roughage. Fiber also adds bulk and slows digestion. It means that Fiber takes up more space in your stomach and helps you to feel fuller longer. Hence you’ll eat less and lose (or at least not gain) weight.

Conclusion about foods high in fiber

So fiber may not be a magic ingredient that pushes off the pounds. But upping your intake of fiber-rich foods and limiting your intake of processed fiber-free carbs will make your daily diet healthier.

“Adding fiber to the diet is one more tool in the tool kit for weight loss,” says Mitchell.

Incorporating fiber into your diet is easy; if you don’t want to make significant changes, consider a system of replacements.

“The best high-fiber foods are the foods you enjoy,” says Keri Gans. Keri Gans a nutrition consultant and the spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association.

Opt for the high-fiber bean chili over the beef chili, and you’ll still get a dose of protein. Instead of boiling white noodles for your weekly pasta dinner, put whole-wheat spaghetti in the pot. Replace your morning bowl of corn flakes with some oatmeal or bran flakes topped with fruit. (Don’t worry: These days, most bran cereals no longer taste like cardboard.) Snack on air-popped popcorn, oranges, raspberries or pears. Replace your regular baked potato with a sweet potato. If high fiber foodstuffs seem dull, branch out: Many Southeast Asian and Mediterranean cuisines incorporate high-fiber grains like quinoa and barley into their food without sacrificing flavor.

Precautions while taking high fiber foods.

Last but not least, remember to take it slow. If you’ve been subsisting on mac-n-cheese and white bread PB&Js, you don’t want to switch to loads of broccoli and tabouli in a day. Instead, ease into your new high-fiber diet. A patient, conscious approach, during which you pay attention to your body’s needs, will help you avoid an undesirable shock to the system that could result in gas and bloating.

“Usually the only reason someone thinks fiber doesn’t agree with them is that they did it too quickly,” says Gans. “Start by adding five grams a day for two weeks, then another five grams for 14 days.”

Cooking vegetables can help, as can spreading out your fiber intake and drinking plenty of water. If you’re still having trouble getting enough fiber or eating a balanced diet, Then try to find a registered dietitian in your area.


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