Vasculitis Treatment – Cause ,types and Prevention

vasculitis treatment - Healthy Instant
vasculitis treatment - Healthy Instant


it is an inflammation that occurs in the blood vessels, which may cause the arteries, veins, and capillaries to be blocked and narrowed. It disrupts the normal blood flow, which may lead to more serious medical problems.


Types and Causes

The cause for vasculitis is often unknown but it is important that a medical professional is able to single out the severity of the problem, the type of vasculitis involved, and the general health of the patient. This is what will guide the line of treatment that may be needed.

There are different types of vasculitis. There are a large vessel, medium vessel, and small vessel vasculitis. Each is classified with different other diseases including Cogan’s Syndrome, Kawasaki Disease, Buerger’s Disease, and Takayasu’s Arteritis. Some of its types are self-limiting and may improve on their own, without the need for medication. But there are some that require medications, especially to help relieve the inflammation.


Signs and Symptoms

its Symptoms may vary widely. But the most common signs are fever, fatigue, muscle and joint pains, loss of appetite, and nerve weakness. Sometimes, the signs and symptoms differ according to its types and which organ system is actually affected.


vasculitis Treatment

There are different kinds of vasculitis treatment available for every different its type. Normally, its cause would have to be singled out for the effective line of vasculitis treatment to be developed. Doses of steroids may be needed to control the inflammation. Since this is a case of the immune system attacking the blood vessel by mistake, medications to control the immune system may also be required.



In many cases, there is no way to prevention of it. That is unless the condition is caused by medication. It will help prevent another case of the condition if that specific drug is avoided.


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