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“So Many People Spend

THEIR Health Gaining Wealth,

And Then Have to Spend Their

Wealth to Regain Their Health

A.J. Reb-Materi said this quotes. These lines are still implementing in our society. 

Hello, Readers!!Pratyush Kumar Sharma

If you are a student, You might study till late night. Generally, Student not eat enough food according to their body needs.The students are careless about their health to reduce time consumption and distraction from studies.

In simple words, you are putting your health aside for your Bright future.

And if you are employee or CEO or working population, You focused on your work.you used to do more care about your job than your Health.

And Finally, You have retired from Job?

Your carelessness nature is giving you the outcome.Now you used to spend money for your Health.So your all wealth is nothing if your health is not okay.

You may improve your health from now.If you want to see your Future Bright, then your Present should be Healthy. So by following certain little Health care tips, Your Present and Future Both will be Bright.

I am Pratush Sharma, The founder of Healthy Instant. I want to see every second of your life Healthy. My team and I first start from the investigation, leading to its solution and conclusion so that what we post is very much helpful to you.

We Provide 100%  free health care tips on various Disease and condition, Healthy lifestyle,  body fitness and Nutritional diet plans.

I have lost many my relatives and loving ones. they died to their bad lifestyle or improper Health Care. This made me think about its solution. Then my interest develops about medication. After some time I realized that some types of medicines especially allopathic medicine is very commission junkies and have very bad effect on the Health.Currently, I love ayurvedic and herbs. These medicines can be prepared at home and have no side effects if followed with its precaution.

Therefore it is a challenge for me to provide natural medication. I will try to provide as possible. So that the medication is nearly free.

If you have any suggestion or story, You may contact us at info@healthyinstant.com

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