dividing food into groups


The second important foodstuff of food is ‘starch.’ There is undoubtedly excess starch in raw grains, which will not cause any harm if you boil grains, rice, potatoes, and so on. But most of the foods are such that at least 25 percent of starch can be obtained easily by consuming it in their original form. They can divide some foods into groups in this way.

1) Fruits cooked by nature, mango, guava, tomato, apple, orange, berry, cucumber, melon, etc.

2) Nuts like almonds, almonds, pistachios, etc. which are made dry and eatable.

3) Greens, carrots, radish, green flora, cauliflower spinach, gourd, etc. can only be boiled in sufficient quantity. In this same category, gram greens, bathy greens, coriander podina, etc. can also be taken. Just by boiling them, the starch does not sweat and digested easily. If the amount of starch cannot be obtained by eating more substances such as lubricating or adding spices, then raw or boiling was required.

4) Some substances can be boiled or boiled in a light flame such as green wheat, gram, tomato, jowar or millet, green millet corn bay.

The substances of the above four sections are such that there is no need for more change, so the more amount they can be taken in their natural form, the same amount of starch can be obtained from the body. They give the body a small amount of protein, vitamins, and fats, but they help in extracting the body’s extracellular matter. Take 2-3 tola sprouts per day; it has a significant effect on health. Interest is also maintained. The action of making a dish from the Singhwad is such a mistake, even if they eat raw, it is more suitable.

In such substances that have lubrication, it is beneficial to take butter in the form of buttermilk or whey. Whey is beneficial for health. Taste can be given to give milk many boiling and frying a thick cream of the cream, but as easily as butter or whey is digested, how much of this oataya milk is digested?

People often throw gourds, gourds, poultry seeds, but they can be made by grinding or crushing gourmet drinks such as cooling. You can add honey, milk, sugar or sugar candy to make them more interesting. In the summer, lemon’s “scratches” are considered as profitable drinks. The same simplicity as milk or buttermilk is obtained by making the carrot, khakhra or Kashi ki of the flavored flavors. A special element emerges from the fermentation process in the raw carrot’s skin, like ‘yeast,’ which meets the lack of vitamins.

The only means of eating food by eating food or roasting is the same meaning that there should be more interest or taste in it, and the mouth, teeth, and shavings do not have special force in the intake, but according to health experts, chewing anything



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