Life element in food

The life element that is in raw food is not possible in fried, dry-roasted, cooked and tested substances; it is a universal and inexhaustible fact. The cooking of food items on the fire reduces the nature of the elements. Many times in a way the entire life element is eliminated. It is known that how much greasy, heavy and digestive verb is spoiled after making the lost milk in acute heat, it is known to all. The body’s fatness reveals the result of more sweets. The roasted gram, ghee, fried dishes consume up to a fraction of the taste, but in the end, there is nothing more in addition to the procedures like a dilution of stomach mucous plants. Due to this artistic trend of diet, the method of making dishes, people cannot accept any food in a natural form.


Other organisms that live in a higher concentration of nature take their diet in complete natural form and digest the food that is up to three-quarters of 90 percent. Even more rigorous, those who work harder, even if they consume 50 percent of the food, otherwise the condition of today has become such that in the life of 70-80 percent, the life element becomes null in the form of stool.


The raw material is of great importance regarding health. The truth is that the ones we call raw food are made before natural selection. The fruit does not break until it becomes full maturity, the crops are harvested only after the heat fully cooks the heat. Tomatoes, Mossimo, sorghum, pomegranate, guava and so on do not cook until they are tied to trees. This type of food, pulses, and fruits have the same elements.


If the intake of raw food is called an all-encompassing diet, it will not be exaggerated. It can also be called a natural diet. But still, it is difficult to give it a place in practical terms because it is difficult to look at today’s situation. Unwanted bread cannot be eaten Unleashed wheat is not consumed. If someone has such courage, then he can not afford more. That is why the right path can be that coordinating the natural diet and its culinary system remains. Some things are such that they can be taken without any change, then take them in the same form or at least after the change. Such as cow or goat’s milk. If it is found in the form of a torch, then it is the same temperature at that time, which is caused by “pasteurization” or by making up to 50-60 ° C temperature. There is no likelihood of infection of diseases in such milk. Diseases in naturally occurring substances Do not have germs. Their appearance only happens when it gets rotten or stale.


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