strength and affection in food

In food items, strength and affection, life and elegance are the juice that is living in it, namely-water element. This water tree keeps its roots deposited in the cells of the fruit after sucking it out of the womb. This is the beauty of the ripe fruits. It feels good until the water of their cells gets dry. It is custom to dry the berry, which can also boil it in other seasons and eat it. Due to the re-infection of water, the dry cells can water, but they can not come anywhere in their natural form. The life element of the substance that reduces this water element by drying it will end in the same proportion, or with lubrication, the relation of the substance cells is broken by water only, due to which such substances should be considered inauspicious Can. Such objects produce more toxin in the stomach.

Due to artificial methods to add color to food or pepper spices, the item could never retain its natural appearance. Where can the Bengali or Punjabi sweets be better than green and naturally cooked lemons, radish, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, cucumber, guava, oranges, apples, peas or grapes? Although they may show off, taste and attraction, the primary purpose of the diet are not fulfilled by them.

The process of making juice is ‘saliva’ from the tongue, but if the food is cooked with an unnatural culinary method, then it will quickly fall down the throat in the flurry of taste. If you do not chew properly, there is a squid in the digestive process. This complaint is automatically removed by consuming raw materials. Eating for a long time every hour experiences a new taste, the ingredients of the dadad are exercised, enough saliva, together with the convenience of making the juice, reaches the stomach, the intestines easily digest it.


When raw food is practiced, the mind likes it, and the interest gets cleared on the part of the cheerfulness. This leads to improvement in health, as well as psychic, work, the anger of anger and mood increases. From this point of view, the spiritual diet of the raw food is also essential. This gives strength to the ideas. Love is created for simplicity, simplicity, and morality. The usefulness of eating raw fruits on raw boiled or trees in the non-metaphysical fasting is also prevalent in front of this approach.


Eating raw food is also an art. Even if it is called natural food, there will be no exaggeration. This art is not something less important than today’s popular human-made culinary arts.


This will increase your physical and mental health prospects. Therefore, following the essential tenets of eating, it would be best for us.



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